Bucket List for Your First Trip to Las Vegas

Bucket List for Your First Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the grandest cities in the world. There are many different things you can do. Even if you spend a week in Vegas, it would be impossible to enjoy everything that Las Vegas has to offer on your first trip.

Here is a list of 15 things you should do on your first trip to Vegas.

Go Gambling
This is a no-brainer. Gambling is legal here. Sure there are other places in America where you can gamble in and outside of America, but Las Vegas is the premier place to gamble in the world. So have some fun, but gamble responsibly. Have a budget and stick to it.

Visit The Strip
If you don’t go to Strip, you didn’t go to Vegas. So book a room at one of the many Hotel/Casinos ranging from Mandalay Bay, Caesar’s Palace, The Flamingo or The Mirage.

Cirque Du Soliel
This is a one of a kind experience everyone should have. You can see them performing aerial acrobatic feats and great freestyle dances to the music of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and other famous scores.

See a Stand-Up Comedian
With so many to choose from, you might see a few comedians whom you would love to see live. And since it’s Vegas, rest assured that anyone performing out there is bringing their A-Game.

See The Blue Man Group
Their show combines theatrics, art, science, and music. Their show takes you on an interactive journey of percussion-driven energy and humor.

Visit the Stratosphere
The Top of the STRAT Hotel/Casino is one of the most popular and iconic attractions and you can even bungee jump from the top of it. You don’t have to, but why not since this is a bucket list.

Indoor Skydiving
If you don’t like heights, you can experience the feeling of skydiving without having to go high in the sky. Also, Las Vegas is a place where it started, which makes it perfect for your Vegas bucket list.

The Fountains of Bellagio
It’s a beautiful water fountain show that takes place multiple times every day. It’s free, but more importantly, it’s one of those places in Las Vegas that if you haven’t seen it, then you didn’t fully experience Vegas.

The Eiffel Tower Experience
Paris Las Vegas has a 50-story replica of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris France. It provides a lovely view of the Las Vegas Strip and you can see the Bellagio Fountains from here.

Take a Gondola Ride
The Venetian Hotel gives lets you experience a Gondola ride through Venice, Italy, which should be on your bucket list for Italy. Choose between an indoor or outdoor ride with a gondolier who’ll sing beautiful Italian songs. This is a great romantic attraction, and since the boat seats four people, it’s a great family attraction as well.

Get Married in a Vegas chapel
Some people will do this on their first trip to Las Vegas, but you can do it just for fun. We encourage you to have a fake wedding with your significant other or whomever you want since it’s fake.

Drive a Supercar
How many more chances will you get to drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R or a Shelby Mustang GT500 just to name a few? You can take one of those iconic supercars for a few laps around Las Vegas Motor Speedway at a very affordable price.

Take a Helicopter Ride
Not only is it a great way to take in the beauty of Las Vegas, but it will also help familiarize you with the entire city on your very first visit.

Visit The Silverton Hotel Aquarium
This has been deemed “The Best Free Attraction in Vegas”. It’s the Aquarium with the Mermaids. But, in addition to that, it has over 4,000 different species of tropical fish.

Go To Gold and Silver Pawn Shop
The Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars. While you probably won’t see anyone from the show, this is a great place to visit. You might even find something worth buying.