Dynasty Warriors 7 Adds Reworked Features And A Rampaging Lu Bu

If you’ve button mashed your way through the previous Dynasty Warriors games, you probably remember how much of a pain it was to fight the overpowered warrior known as Lu Bu. Good news: he’s making a return in the 7th edition, grabbing peons by the face and dragging behind him a slew of new and reworked features that’ll set this game apart from its predecessors.

Temco Koei is gunning to make this Dynasty Warriors feel and play drastically different, but while keeping some traditional elements. One of which, for better or worse, is the inclusion of Lu Bu. He comes with a face-grabbing attack, force-field blast moving, and ridiculously long side burns.

The changes to the gameplay system are somewhat new. Temco Koei is hoping to flesh out the elements they had in the radically different depart of the series called Strikeforce. You can casually walk through towns as previously reported, but now will include a places to buy weapons, a smithy to forge new ones, bachelor place to do what bachelors generally do (take quizzes to earn prizes), and a merchant area to buy mercenaries/bodyguards and support beast to assist players in combat. The number of support beast has been expanded, horses and elephants for running into droves of peons, tigers to maul the opposition, and pandas that’ll heal you with their cute and fuzzy looks.

Lastly, spiltscreen makes a return so you can combo your Musous with a pal beside you.