Sentinel and Hsien-Ko Confirmed For Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Robotic nemesis of the mutants and lower tier characters alike has returned, along with an undead Darkstalker. Sentinel and Hsien-ko joining the cast of Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Leaked via a German magazine picture, Marvel character Sentinel is returning to spam mini-versions of himself all over the screen. Wondering why his name isnt on the screen? Its because hes Player 2 and the lifebar is on the other side. If you tilt it just right, you can see a S. At the moment, its unknown if his playstyle has changed or if he will gain the coveted Mango coloring that fans are pining for.

As for Hsien-Ko of the Darkstalkers fame, you can see her face within a box for the character select screen as the guy turns the pages. Pause at 0:19, and look under Okamis mascot.  It seems the leaker Lupinko was right all along, though he did say he might have forgotten a character. Hit the video, though its rather low quality.