Homefront Resistance Trailer Prepares Us for Revolution

THQ has released a third trailer for their newest action game, Homefront. This seems to set the pace of what Homefront will be about the action. Titled Resistance, the trailer reveals that the Americans decide to start up a second American Revolution against Korea. Its clear that bullets will be shot, bombs will explode, and people will definitely be killed in THQs newest action-packed adventure, so get ready to kick some ass! Take a look below for the newest trailer of THQs Homefront.

While the first two trailers seemed to have a grim and dismal outlook of Koreas takeover of America, Resistance seems to have a different tone. The more chilling approach the predecessors of Resistance is replaced by an air of revolution, giving Homefront a more hopeful outlook. Along with that, THQ managed to show a lot more of the games action, as opposed to its storyline, which is always a nice change!


Be ready for the second revolution! We will keep you up to date on the latest news regarding THQs Homefront, which is set to release on March 15, 2011.