Blockbuster Bethesda Line-Up with Release Dates: Hunted, Rage, Elder Scrolls and Brink

Four of Bethesda Softworks new heavy hitters have been given release dates. The good news? You wont have to wait very long to pick these up. The bad news, with so many great titles being released, you may run out of money.

To start the lineup, Brink, a new first-person shooter set to blend both single-player, co-op, and multiplayer together, will be releasing in North America May 17th and in Europe on May 20th.

Next up is Hunted: The Demons Forge. This new take on the traditional dungeon-raiding game promises intense action and a witty storyline. Players can expect this co-op gem to hit shelves on June 1st in North America and June 3rd in Europe.

Rage follows up as one of the most highly anticipated games to be released this year. Its a new IP from famed Doom developers id Software. An epic adventure in a wasteland, Rage promises vast lands to explore, intense firefights, and vehicle combat. The game releases September 13th in North America and September 16th in Europe.

Finally, the long overdue Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next in line for the Elder Scrolls series, will be releasing November 11th (11/11/11) worldwide. All of these games are set to come out on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Nintendos Spring Summer Line-up

In addition to revealing a release date for the DSi XL, Nintendo had a slew of software announcements for the upcoming months, including news about some of their most-anticipated titles.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be hitting US store shelves in May, with an official release date of May 23.  That gives everyone (including me) time to finish the first one!

Metroid: Other M, of which weve heard very little, will be arriving on June 27.  The game will mix classic 2D gameplay with the newer, 3D first-person perspective and is something fans of the series wont want to miss.

And theres good news for Dragon Quest fans, as Nintendo will be publishing Dragon Quest IX in the US this summer.  This is exciting news, because that means it will only have been a year between the momentous Japanese release and having this great title stateside.  In case you were in a coma when the game was released in Japan last summer, it has sold over 4 million copies there alone, and it was questionable at first whether the US would even get a chance to see this title localized, let alone so soon!

Monster Hunter Tri releases April 20, and, as previously announced, will be sold as the game only or in a bundle with the classic controller pro.

Nintendo fans can also look forward to Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, coming June 7, along with MegaMan 10 (March 1) and Cave Story (March 22).  Super Meat Boy and And Yet It Moves and will both be coming to WiiWare, although no release dates were yet given for these titles.