Final Fantasy I and II Now On iPhone and iPod Touch

Old-school RPG fans can now rejoice, for Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are for the first time now available on mobile phones in North America. These iPhone releases mark the seventeenth (at least) re-release of the original Final Fantasy. Of course, these updated versions show all of the polish that comes with remastering a game once every year or so.

All joking aside, the two releases of these classics are some of the best-looking yet. The games feature further-revamped graphics and sound, as well as a new input mechanism to take advantage of the iPhones/iPod Touchs touch-based interfaces. In an expected but still pleasurable addition, new dungeons have been included to both games. Check out the screenshots below to see how the game looks as well as how the interface has been redesigned.

The commemorate the release of these games, Square Enix is cutting the price point of several of their other iPhone/iPod offerings. Crystal Defenders is down to $5.99 from its previous price of $7.99, Vanguard Storm is $3.99 down from $4.99, Sliding Heroes is $0.99 down from $2.99, Hills and Rivers Remain $4.99 down from $6.99, and lastly, Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes is $7.99 down from $9.99. These prices will be effective between February 25th and March 3rd, 2010.

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II will be available from the App Store as of today (February 25th) for the low price point of only eight dollars and ninety-nice cents American each. More information can be found on the games official website.