Two Worlds II Implements A Jarring Form Of DRM

Combating piracy is almost impossible, but developers can try to circumvent it as best as they can. Sometimes developers take it a few leaps too far, and the actual buyers get the brunt of it. SouthPeak Games has already gained the ire of gamers as an intrusive form of DRM rears its ugly head.

Two Worlds II is the sequel to a game that accumulated a lot of dislike. With poor voice acting, dull characters, simplistic combat, and more bugs than a Bethesda game, Two Worlds barely clawed its way to mediocrity. The company took notice, and even issued an apology for what they made. So with that supposed sincerity, gamers should expect a highly polished, carefully made adventure next time around, right?

While the jury is still out on the quality of the game itself until the 8th, SouthPeak Games has put in an anti-piracy measure thats simply inexcusable. Between the completion of chapters, players are required to place in their serial key again. If you dont have that anymore, even though you put it in the first time you installed the game, you will have to buy another. And most likely, your PC will have to be online for this to work.

While at the moment this is nothing more than a bitter annoyance, practices like this encroach further and further upon buyers experiences. Its jarring and unnecessary, and borderline insulting for those who actually bought the game. Lets hope this is the only thing wrong with Two Worlds II!