3DS in NYC Previews: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Probably the easiest game to discuss that was playable is SSFIV 3D. Its very literally exactly the same as the console versions you are likely already familiar with. The same 35 characters (still my Ibuki, of course!) and all the moves you know. The characters all come unlocked from the get-go, and each character has an alternate costume that youve seen, bought, or fought against in the console version.

There are a few new things going on here, though. The bottom screen allows for some touch-screen shortcuts, a handy tool for new players not looking to get serious and just have some fun. Another new feature is a new way to play, instead of the 2D plane were used to, a new dynamic mode is offered, where you can fight in a more over-the-shoulder view. It looks so much better, and feels really action-oriented, but is definitely a lot more difficult because you cant accurately scope things like your hit box area and its moving really fast.

In an effort to utilize the StreetPass functionality of the 3DS, SSFIV 3D has figurines that you can level up in an RPG-like fashion by increasing their HP, etc. When the 3DS is in sleep mode, if you pass another player your figurines will battle each other, winner outcome decided by stats. Just a little extra feature, cute, but probably not something thats going to get fighting gamers all riled up.

The graphics look fantastic and I can say they almost match up to the artistic shine on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The 3D, however, albeit quality, I am not sure benefits the game. When in 3D mode, the game runs at 30 FPS, as opposed to the 60 FPS it will run when the slider is in 2D. Any fighting game fan knows how speed and time is everything, so I ended up opting to turn the 3D slider off.

The 3DS is definitely making this possible to look as shiny as it can possible look on a handheld. Its a perfect way to keep training and honing your skills even when youre away from your controller or your fightstick/pad Only thing is, it plays like it would on a standard controller, if only there was a way to employ an extra two buttons and play in the style weve been training on all these years.