More Armored Core 5 Details Detail Online Play

From Software has been quiet on any information regarding Armored Core 5. Last information gamers had was a meager, bare-bones trailer and a few pieces of information. Recently, the company has finally saw fit to reveal something more substantial, and that theme is teaming up.

Armored Core 5 touts one of the most complex customization systems of mecha games, let alone games of other genres. It’s newest edition is looking to do more than just add a few new weapons or parts. Gamers will get to take their creations online to do battle, but with an added twist of teamwork and territory.

Pilots of the virtual mechs will get together to form teams of 5 against another team to see who’s robot is better at blowing up things. Additionally, each team gets a selected commander out of the group. The armchair general will issue orders to hopefully lead his team to victory and not into a hail of gunfire. To further teamwork, special weapons called Overed have been added. Some are hard to aim, while others take a while to load. Get a team member to lead them in the line of fire for maximum usage. It has even been rumored that some special types of mech will be available especially for team work. Co-op towering mechs? One can only hope.

Gamers that don’t have any friends that want to play, or those who are new to the scene shouldn’t fret: From Softwares got you covered. There’s a site for the singles: the Armored Core Official Partnership social site was started in November to play matchmaker.

The combat doesn’t stop when the player leaves his console. Rival clans can sucker-punch unattended lands. Luckily, you can throw up some cannons and defensive measures so those would-be invaders are driven away. No word on if there will be an option to be a mercenary not tied to a team yet, or if there will be any more offline features to compensate the online-heavy route this game it taking.

A solid release date hasn’t been announced, but Japan is getting it on the 360 and PS3 this year. Those elsewhere will have to import or wait for a proper localization in 2012 by Namco Bandai.