New Battle System in Pokemon Black and White

A new element of battle is being thrown into the mix with Pokemon Black and White: triple battles. Three-on-three battles are now possible, adding a bit more strategy to the mix and requiring a lot more preparation and diversity from a trainers team. The Pokemon placed in the center of your lineup can attack any of the opposing teams Pokemon, while the Pokemon on the left can only attack the one in front of them, or the center one, likewise with the Pokemon on the right only being able to attack the right Pokemon opposite them, and the center Pokemon.

Something that is a huge welcome to any Nintendo game is one of the new features in Black/White: random WiFi battles! Finally youll be able to just jump in and match up against players you dont know without the use of pesky friends codes with the goal of training your roster against players all over the world of all playstyles.

One of the tools in the game, C-Gear, seems like a handy device that is a great way to push the social boundaries forward for the Pokemon series. It facilitates the way you add friends to your friends list by allowing you to tap them in with the stylus instead of type out their friend codes using the IR communication built into the game card. What I like about it though, is the way it makes the game more social: you can pop up the C-Gear at any time and check out which of your friends are online and much like you would see on your console internet equivalent like on Xbox Live you can see exactly what your friends are currently doing in their game!

March 6th is coming up fast, and I cant wait to jump back into the series! The new 150 new Pokemon designs seem really unique and original this time around. Ill even give you a headstart on beating my butt: I always pick the water starter Pokemon

Community Voice #23 : Your Black Friday Hauls: Howd You Do?

The weekend after Thanksgiving, starting with the notorious Black Friday and going through Cyber Monday, are an annual shopping bonanza, in which retailers of all shapes and sizes offer steep discounts in an attempt to separate us from our hard-earned cash.

With the economy being relatively sour, and many people holding onto what money they can get, times have been especially tough for many retailers, especially after a relatively dismal Black Friday showing last year.  This year, many retailers attempted to balk the trends by offering discounts starting as soon as November 1 and leading up to the big weekend.

Amazon, for example, had some stellar deals all weekend long, especially on Black Friday itself, with many deals selling out almost instantly.  iPhone in hand, I know I scoured the deals as much as I could during holiday festivities and travel this past weekend, and managed to pick up deals like Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (you can never have enough DA in my opinion) for only $35, Red Dead Redemption for $29, and Monopoly Streets for $25, all on PS3.  Im still kicking myself that I missed out on getting God of War Collection for only $10, and you could also find plenty of other steals like that as well.  Some retailers had PSPGo bundles for only $150, others had steep discounts on PS3, Wii, and 360 Console bundles.  Even Gamestop got into the action by offering several games (new) for only $10.

So, how did you guys do?  Did you score big deals online, or did you battle the crowds for the last deeply discounted PS3/TV bundle at Best Buy?  I love to hear a good deal, so please share your hauls in the comments, or maybe those items you hoped to find on sale but didnt (and maybe are still waiting for).

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