David Jaffe Hints At Twisted Metals Release Date

Co-Director of Eat Sleep Play, slimmed down the possible release dates for the new Twisted Metal on this Twitter.

Jaffe was very chatty on his Twitter, and constantly replied to fans and their questions. In one response, he said that the release date for his coming vehicle combat game Twisted Metal will be known soon. Further more, he also said that the two release windows of Spring and Fall of 2011 given by Sony sources are wrong. So either the game will land in the Summer or Winter of this year.

He also said that he doesnt know if the game will get a Collectors Edition, but he hopes that it does. Jaffe also doesnt want to scam people with his DLC. He doesnt plan to cut complete pieces of data on the disc and make it into pricey DLC.  For this game, what will come later will actually be developed and put out later. No day one pre-made DLC map packs.

Oh yes, and hes wearing a pair of flannel PJs and slippers and a navy t-shirt. Hes a very personal guy. Fans are welcome to throw suggestions over to him via Twitter, and possibly convince him to get out of his sleepwear.

[Source: David Jaffe’s via Twitter]

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