Again Story Gameplay Trailer

If you enjoyed Hotel Dusk, then you have two reasons to be happy. One, because CING, the developer behind that great game, has a new mystery title releasing in only a few weeks: Again comes to DS on March 30, 2010. Second, because a new mystery starring detective Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk has been announced, although details are sketchy (no pun intended).

Still, Again, although it has a far more realistic look than its cousin, with real actors scanned in and using full-motion video segments, promises to be intriguing. You play as FBI investigator Jonathan Weaver, who has the ability to view a crime scene both in the present state and at a time in the past. Holding the DS like a book, you will have access to both versions of the crime scene, and thus must carefully study each to help gleam clues in order to solve the crime.

Check out this new story and gameplay video for more insight into this chilling mystery.

Split/Second Gets Release Date

At last year’s E3 there was one game that stood out and completely blew me away and it was from Disney Interactive Studios. Split/Second, the action racing game from Black Rock Studios is bringing us a racing game that we’ve never seen before. From the creators of Pure, Split/Second was awarded Best Racing Game  of E3 2009 from many critics.

The upcoming title is set to bring us a Hollywood style racing game with huge explosions making every lap unpredictable. Today Disney Interactive Studios announced that Split/Second will be released in North America on May 18th and in Europe on May 21st. They have been pretty tight lipped about the upcoming game but I’m sure we will be hearing more and more in the coming months, so stay tuned. If you don’t know much about it you can check out our preview here with some gameplay footage from E3.

Bluehole Studio Branches Out, Forms En Masse Entertainment

MMORPG developer Bluehole Studio has officially announced the formation of a new subsidiary company initially formed to help localize and promote their games to Western audiences. Technically formed in 2009, En Masse Entertainment is comprised of several members who have previously worked for companies such as Blizzard, Microsoft, NCSoft, and Electronic Arts, including Warcraft/Starcraft contributor Patrick Wyatt.

En Masse Entertainment CEO Jae-Heon Yang reflects upon the team, stating that they are experts in the fields of technology, online gaming, branding and localization.

The first title that En Masse Entertainment will be bringing to the states is the Bluehole-developed Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea. This MMORPG is set to launch in Korea later this year, and will hit Western shores an undetermined amount of time afterwards.

While not much news has been launched about this upcoming title, the screenshots of the game show a lot of promise (these screens are actually from my personal video game wallpaper collection). Tera isnt expected to usurp the popular World of Warcraft, but with it, Jae-Heon Yang is aiming to gain a strong foothold in the Western market.

Nintendos Spring Summer Line-up

In addition to revealing a release date for the DSi XL, Nintendo had a slew of software announcements for the upcoming months, including news about some of their most-anticipated titles.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be hitting US store shelves in May, with an official release date of May 23.  That gives everyone (including me) time to finish the first one!

Metroid: Other M, of which weve heard very little, will be arriving on June 27.  The game will mix classic 2D gameplay with the newer, 3D first-person perspective and is something fans of the series wont want to miss.

And theres good news for Dragon Quest fans, as Nintendo will be publishing Dragon Quest IX in the US this summer.  This is exciting news, because that means it will only have been a year between the momentous Japanese release and having this great title stateside.  In case you were in a coma when the game was released in Japan last summer, it has sold over 4 million copies there alone, and it was questionable at first whether the US would even get a chance to see this title localized, let alone so soon!

Monster Hunter Tri releases April 20, and, as previously announced, will be sold as the game only or in a bundle with the classic controller pro.

Nintendo fans can also look forward to Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, coming June 7, along with MegaMan 10 (March 1) and Cave Story (March 22).  Super Meat Boy and And Yet It Moves and will both be coming to WiiWare, although no release dates were yet given for these titles.

Capcom Hides DLC Characters On The Disc for Marvel Versus Capcom 3

Its a common practice that Capcom has implemented with Dead Rising 1 and Resident Evil 5s content. Players can buy extra content/DLC for their games, but it turns out that its not extra at all. Rather, the data is on the disc all along, and gamers are merely buying keys to unlock content thats already there. As this picture indicates, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is continuing this trend.

Some lucky gamers have obtained or pirated their copies of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 early, and are sifting through the files in order to uncover any unknown secrets. In doing so, theyve found the files of supposed DLC characters Shuma Gorath and Jill, and these files arent placeholder ones. The amount data  they carry is equal to the other characters, which means Capcom has locked off content in order to gain more green.

This sadly is different than what the leaker Lupkino said. On the positive side, there arent any characters besides those two so any other additions will be real downloadable ones and not just hidden, locked away characters.

Despite this stupid practice of seeping more money from its audience, I still plan to buy the game. If you really want to rally against such actions, dont buy the DLC.