Bluehole Studio Branches Out, Forms En Masse Entertainment

MMORPG developer Bluehole Studio has officially announced the formation of a new subsidiary company initially formed to help localize and promote their games to Western audiences. Technically formed in 2009, En Masse Entertainment is comprised of several members who have previously worked for companies such as Blizzard, Microsoft, NCSoft, and Electronic Arts, including Warcraft/Starcraft contributor Patrick Wyatt.

En Masse Entertainment CEO Jae-Heon Yang reflects upon the team, stating that they are experts in the fields of technology, online gaming, branding and localization.

The first title that En Masse Entertainment will be bringing to the states is the Bluehole-developed Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea. This MMORPG is set to launch in Korea later this year, and will hit Western shores an undetermined amount of time afterwards.

While not much news has been launched about this upcoming title, the screenshots of the game show a lot of promise (these screens are actually from my personal video game wallpaper collection). Tera isnt expected to usurp the popular World of Warcraft, but with it, Jae-Heon Yang is aiming to gain a strong foothold in the Western market.

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