3DS in NYC: Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D Preview

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D is an excellent launch window game to get kids interested itching to get a 3DS early. Its a combination of game types. When you start up, you can choose which type of dinosaur from a few different kinds: predators, hunters, chargers or defenders. Each family of dinosaurs has a different combative advantage over another. I was feelin rather predatorial this time around. You could also customize your dinosaur fully in tons of different colors and stripe colors, etc. Its your very own rather personalized piece of the Jurassic world.

Youre able to explore and adventure, have the ability to collect items and learn new dinosaur, facts, and throughout your adventure youll run into an enemy whom your dinosaur will then be pitted up against in a fight. Almost like a boxing ring concept, you and the other dinosaur (my first encounter being with a triceratops) will duke it out using special attacks that you can use at the right time. When the enemy rears his head and charges, thats your chance to break in and deal a powerful attack. You can also dodge their attacks or attack them forcefully enough and you can push them out of the arena and win, too.

As a side feature, you cant fight your friends dinosaurs in a multiplayer battle, but it does take advantage of the 3DS Street Pass feature. What that means is that if anyone else has the game that you pass by at school or in the streets, your dinosaurs will passively fight each other, and whichever dinosaur wins the duel while youre away will take home more items (though both will earn items for battling). This is perfect for kids who take their 3DS to school and put it away during the day, then open up later on to find out a classmate also owns the game and youve earned some new items.

This game does not use the stylus at all, and the combat is fairly easy and simple to get into, not to mention that the 3D looked great. There seemed to be plenty of dinosaurs to choose from and play as, and interesting facts to learn I can see this launch window title for the 3DS being popular among the early adopters of the 3DS with young boys in the household.

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